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Please call to book all Groupons. A 24hr Notice is required  for cancellation or  rescheduling . A fee of $30 will be assessed before your next service.

Relaxers & Smoothing Treatments

Virgin Texturizer


Virgin Relaxer


Texturizer Retouch


Keratin Treatment


Brazilian Blowout


Relaxer Retouch


Guidelines for Keratin Treatment Maintenance:

Avoid Restraining and pulling hair up for 72 hours
No Buns, Barrettes, Rubberband, Sunglasses, or headbands for 72 hours
Prepare for service to be at least 3 hours.

Sodium Chloride is the ingredient that will pull out your keratin treatment, it may be in your water softener, your salt water pool and your shampoo. Sodium Chloride is also released when you sweat. If you perspire a lot you may find that your keratin treatments fade faster. Also when perspire your hair becomes wet causing it to curl up. A keratin treatment cannot work on wet hair. Wet hair will frizz.
Sulfate Free Shampoo and Chlorine will gradually reduce keratin results along with frequent shampooing and frequent sweating. If you perspire while working out please rinse your hair immediately.

No working out or Swimming for 72 hours.

A keratin treatment is designed to aid in styling it is not a substitute for styling my hair. I understand that the flatiron finish that is achieved during the service will only be maintained if I flatiron.

If you do not purchase my shampoo from means that you assume the risk of my keratin treatment not lasting. I understand that a keratin treatment is not a relaxer or straightener it is grouped under smoothing services as hair therapy to reduce curl and  minimize frizz. Please understand that your hair fabric  is unique and your results may vary from those of another guest.

A keratin treatment is only guaranteed if purchase my shampoo and conditioner from