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All cancellations must be made at least 24hrs before the set appointment. If not there is a $30 cancellation fee. Clients using Groupons must call in to verify the appointment. Groupons are for first-time clients only and can be used once every year. ​​

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Keratin vs. Relaxers

Our stylist Devyn discusses the difference between getting a Keratin Treatment versus getting and Relaxer.

All About Styling Products

Devon discusses styling products and the proper way to get the most out of your product.
Relaxers & The Reason For Breakage
Devyn explains what could cause breakage to occur following a Relaxer.
Keratin For Naturals & Curly Girl
Umar and Devyn discuss Keratin for Naturals and how the treatment effects natural hair.

 All About pH Balance

Our stylist Devyn goes in depth about the pH levels in hair and why it's important to maintain a healthy pH level.